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Tilottama Tales an enterprise for women's fashion sarees and Handmade Fashionable Jewellery. Intrestingly we design and develop our own sarees in West Bengal. Tilottama Tales deals with Jamdani, Tussar Silk, Bengal Cotton, Hanloom Cotton Saree, Baluchari Saree, Murshidabadi Silk, Kantha Stitch, Gicha Silk, Garad Silk for various occasion. We do also produce daily use Tant Saree etc. Our sarees are made of best quality fabric and natural dyes. We sell best quality, latest designed, and reasonable priced saree. We are a Global concern accepting all currencies and shipping worldwide free.

Making of Tilottama


tilottama - is an Apsara described in Hindu mythology, enchantress of the Gods, created on request of Brahma by the greatest and divine architect Vishwakarma himself, with best quality of everything as building elements. tilOttama thus means - a being whose elements are made of the best quality.

 Our vision is to harness the best quality in all the elements; from choosing basics as selection of fibre, fabric and spinning and as Crucial as the raw talent our native weavers possess, Artistic calibre that has been handed down generations after generations of craftsmanship acumen. Let’s face it - fact is that we all have been yearning to get hold of that best Quality Saree from Banaras, that finish that Kanchipuram is known for, with the advent of Power looms, haven't we all missed that nostalgia of Handmade art?

The richness in quality that we would have taken for granted, the tales of longevity of products that our Mothers have been telling us, the genuineness of fabric our fathers would swear on - all that is surely missing in this decade.

Not very far, it is our own story of Bengal – Dacca or Dhaka now in Bangladesh where Mul Mul (Muslin) the legendary cloth made of cotton were shipped to far corners of the world because of its finest quality and the Emperors of those days deemed it fit for their use. The weavers of Mul Mul disappeared simply because British chopped off their thumb so that they can’t further produce Mul Mul and British can sell their own cotton product. Europeans came to India and they were astonished not only with the finest quality and volume but also with the extent of trade in far corners of the world.

Thus, we had to do something! A dream to see my own country cousins take up our trade and not let it wither way!

Who are we - we are the bridge between artist and you. Soberly, we want to bring the artist out of their huts, for so long they have been neglected, directly to your home. Imagine a beautiful Bandhani Saree right in your hands and a smiling Artisan being rewarded rightfully for his craft.

When we say Bridge, we mean it. We have pledged to remain associated with the Artist or Artisan or The Weavers and pass on their rightful benefits to them.

Weaving by hands take place in many parts of India and every region has their own traditional designs and hence the different types of handloom sarees have emerged.

It’s not only the Sarees we are connected with, we are also connected with women’s accessories, bags, scarfs, gift items. We are a purely a women’s store but men can also purchase for gifting purpose.


Thus - Our Endeavour is to create a platform for such native talents where they get to showcase their craft to the Whole World! Let’s bring back the golden era of our History of handlooms which goes back to Indus civilization by rewarding our native talents.

 You are tilOttama !!    

We are a global site and accept payments in multiple currencies.



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