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Collection of Purwaaii.Com

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  Collection of Purwaaii.Com   About our Collection.. The next difficult task was to enlist the product for the Store with a view to cater to the Country Cousins -  The Probashi Bengali .The essentials of  "Purwaaii"  is to provide the best product ..and from the source like in case of Bodi ,  Amsatto and Muri. Since I am a great lover of  Munching Muri mixed with  Bapi Chanachur lightly coated in  fresh Mustard Oil , I wanted to take special care in case of Muri ( Puffed Rice ) . Earlier days during chi..


Patali Gur Or Khejur Gur Or Date Palm Jaggery – The Queen of All Flavors and Taste

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​​   Patali Gur Or Khejur Gur Or Date Palm Jaggery – The Queen of All Flavors and Taste by Purwaaii.Com Patali Gur – Khejur Gur Buy Patali Gur Or Khejur Gur on Line at www.purwaaii.com অনলাইন কিনতে  পুর্বায়ী  ডট কম এ লগ ইন করুন Jaggery derived from the sap of Date Palm Tree ( Khejur or Khajur Tree ) . The sap is collected from Date palm Tree and its cooked long ( by the confectioners who are basically farmers ) to change its transparent color to Burgundy Color and then it’s allowed to cool and solidify . The solidification p..


Purwaaii - The Bengali Online Store: www.purwaaii.com

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  www.purwaaii.com   Advent of Purwaaii  We never thought of Starting an online store. It was early 2014 when we started to find some Bengali Groceries in some of the best Shopping Malls. We were not satisfied with the kind of items available or the quality or with the pricing. We then thought that there might be many of us who are deprived like us. We Bengalis rather Probashi Bengalis miss many of the things routinely especially on account of food. We Probashi who stay away from home miss the basic ingredients of Bengali Food or Bengali cooking. It’s not only ..


Bengal Online - Purwaaii - A Cuboo Enterprise

Bengal Online  - The Bengali Online Store for Bengali Food , Condiments , Handicraft , Handloom , Bengali Sari , Art and Culture


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