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Advent of Purwaaii 

We never thought of Starting an online store. It was early 2014 when we started to find some Bengali Groceries in some of the best Shopping Malls. We were not satisfied with the kind of items available or the quality or with the pricing. We then thought that there might be many of us who are deprived like us. We Bengalis rather Probashi Bengalis miss many of the things routinely especially on account of food. We Probashi who stay away from home miss the basic ingredients of Bengali Food or Bengali cooking. It’s not only the food but also Art, Handicraft, Apparels, Saris and Puja items which we dont get so easily being outside of Bengal. We also experienced the trouble of taking out time to drive to Shopping Malls, Parking, and devoting time on shopping. Its then we devised a plan to start an Online Store completely based on ethnic values. 

The next thing which could occur to us is the name of the store. We thought a lot ... but then since we Bengalis come from the East and we devised to cater to the Easterners so the name Purwaaii (The Eastern Breeze). It’s a humble start with small investment. There are many online stores which may be selling Bengali stuff, so what is so special about us. What is missing with others now days is customer service. We are strongly stressing the same. There may be some items which are not on our store webpage. We strongly request our Bengali Country Cousins to write to us or speak to us. We would try our level best to procure the same and deliver it to you. In special cases we would not charge you anything extra, you may have to pay the packaging cost + Courier Cost and our administrative cost. So the Online store is yours... http://purwaaii.com/
Latest update: May 05, 2015

Bengal Online - Purwaaii - A Cuboo Enterprise

Bengal Online  - The Bengali Online Store for Bengali Food , Condiments , Handicraft , Handloom , Bengali Sari , Art and Culture


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