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Collection of Purwaaii.Com

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Collection of Purwaaii.Com

About our Collection..
The next difficult task was to enlist the product for the Store with a view to cater to the Country Cousins -  The Probashi Bengali .The essentials of  "Purwaaii"  is to provide the best product ..and from the source like in case of Bodi ,  Amsatto and Muri. Since I am a great lover of  Munching Muri mixed with  Bapi Chanachur lightly coated in  fresh Mustard Oil , I wanted to take special care in case of Muri ( Puffed Rice ) . Earlier days during childhood I have seen that Muri used to be made at Home especially in the Rural Bengal . Expert ladies who were skilled in making Muri out of Rice used to come home and make Muri in bulk for the entire family to be consumed for one or two months . Those muri were free from chemicals or baking agents like cooking soda etc . Today Muri making by Skilled women is almost over Rather proceeding to extinction . Revolution , Industrialization , Mechanization  is an important part of our life  .. So "Muri Making"  machine has come and its made in huge quantity laced with unwanted stuffs. We have taken special care in case of Muri and we call it "Desi Muri " which we wish to deliver to Country Cousins .
We have included few of the items in our store and slowly would introduce more. I would request our Country Cousins to help us in making a big list so that we can deliver Bengal in your Kitchen. Dealing with Bengali Grocery is quite difficult task and it still remains a challenge because of various factors like orders placed , storage , bulk purchase , purchase from the production centers , proper packaging , courier problems ,  durability of items during transit and certificates required . In spite of all the challenges we are proceeding ahead to enhance the (Gastronomically rich )  Country Cousins  Menu . 
After having done little justice with the Food Section we proceeded to deal with the Art & Carft of Bengal . We started with Handloom Saris , Bell Metal Craft ( Dokra ) , Taant Saris , Khesh , Sholapith etc . Different items of Purwaaii.Com has been collected from different place . Dokra or Dhokra is procured from a Village or craftmans near Ghuskara . Kantha stitch and Khesh Saris are   procured from Shantiniketan, Bolpur . Shantiniketan Leather Bags carrying artistic work on the Bags are procured from Shantiniketan , Bolpur . Taant Saris have been procured from Dhoneykhali / Dahneykhali of West Bengal. Its not a random procurement rather its a collection done by our Team Members. I am presenting Few photographs of Our Products . This is how we made the collection .  
Latest update: May 05, 2015

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